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Minerva B.

Canyon Country, CA 12/13/2013

We have known Dr. Maq for about 27 years now. My brother who hated dentist with a passion recommended him and actually told us he's good... so that was worth checking out.

My whole family and clan go to him now. My children, nieces and nephews love him. He is honest, good, funny, and gentle. His staff are awesome as well. Gina has been working with Dr. Maq for as long as we've been going there. So that tells you a lot!

They have gotten better and better over the years. They do not overbook,so patients don't have to wait a long time and you are not rushed out of there.

He is the BEST!!!! We too drive extra mile just to go there.

Keep up the good work.

Ismaiel A.

Baldwin Park, CA 12/10/2013

The best dentist you will ever get

Shannon B.

Santa Clarita, CA 7/30/2013

I have been going to Dr. Max for years. The thing that I appreciate the most about Dr. Max is that he has not subscribed to corporate mentality that most dentists have adopted these days. He is 100% about patient care- not about profitability. I drive an hour out of my way to go to him rather than deal with the awful dental groups that have cropped up in every strip mall in my area.

Shannon K.

Portland, OR 8/28/2010

What an exceedingly sweet and genuine man!

I came here on several recommendations and I'm glad I listened to them.

Everyone is right, his staff is super nice. Nicer than any staff I've ever experienced in any kind of doctor or dentist office.

I was in a lot of pain and called and I was able to get an appointment right away.

Dr. Maqsoud is honest and extremely knowledgeable. The man knows his stuff. He remembers what you talk to him about when you see him, he makes sure you are comfortable, and he takes his time with you, and he really cares about how you are doing in your life.

If there is someone who can make going to the dentist easy and stress-free, its him. And again, his staff is wonderful.

Go see him! He doesn't like to cause pain to his patients...lord knows why he chose to be a dentist then.

Lyd A.

Burbank, CA 2/9/2008

How in the world am I the first to YELP this awesome dentist?! Unreal.

Okay so here's the story morning glory. I, like most of you I'm sure, am not fond of going to the dentist. I mean really, what's to like about it? You get poked & prodded and scraped and sometimes even bitched at for lack of doing this or that. Bah. Also, I'm sure like most of you, I had over the years had the HARDEST time finding a dentist I liked. Either you don't have insurance & you can go to ANYONE yet you can't afford to or you DO have insurance & are limited to a couple of lame choices.

Look no further!!! I'd had it with my last dentist & his shabby dirty office, as well as his mood swings and most of all his non English speaking staff (yes, ALL of them. I mean WTF? How do you expect me to make an appt. when no one understands me?) But I digress... I decided to make a bulletin on myspace asking every friend I had for their recs when my insurance changed, since picking one out of the provider booklet is ridiculously aggravating. As luck would have it, an old friend recommended his dentist... Dr. "Max". He said he was gentle, nice, close by blah blah blah. It was the fact he'd been going to him for the last 15 YEARS though that made me curious.

I love this guy! Really, how often do you hear someone tell you they LOVE their dentist? :) I've been three times so far & each visit is better than the last. Dr. Maqsoud TRULY cares about each person that sits in that chair. He has a heart of gold, the patience of a saint, and the most gentle technique. You guys... I actually LIKED getting two fillings the other day! Yes, I swear. It was so easy! I would have gone back the next day if they'd said they forgot to do one. Oh and on that note, that's another cool thing about him. He doesn't lie. I'd been told I had like 20 cavities by last dentist, who was obviously just trying to swindle me for money. Dr. Max showed me on the computer screen that sits in front of the chair (which you can watch tv or movies on while they work YAY!) that I only had four!! Also when I went to pay for my fillings (white composite, not mercury) I paid MUCH LESS than I had at the last dentist. I asked why & she asked what they'd charged me at the other place. Again, I'd been swindled! That last dentist office was the equivelent of a mechanic who tells you there's things wrong with car that really aren't, knowing you won't know the difference. Bastard!

I almost forgot to add that the teeth cleanings are just as easy & gentle as the fillings. His nurse does them & she's a doll :) She gives you headphones to watch the tv in front of you or listen to music. She's totally quick & you're not left feeling like your mouth has been raped. I finally am willing to go twice a year as I'm supposed to, instead of accidentally "forgetting"!

To sum up... nice clean office, great staff, comfy chairs, computers to see your xrays right in front of you, tv & music, gentle technique. Please give Dr. Max a try... I promise you won't be sorry!

Stephan C.

Minneapolis, MN 7/3/2008

I went to this dentist based on the strength of the first review. That five-star review hasn't been proven wrong by my experience. I can't recommend Dr. Abdel-Maqsoud highly enough. He strikes me as being honest, caring, and talented. I had a root canal and didn't experience any pain; nor did I come to expect to, as the doctor was constantly checking to see how I felt. His clinic is extremely well run, from the front desk to the dental assistants; everyone is kind and professional. The equipment is top-rate, too: if you have a cavity show up on your x-ray, there's no doubting it when the doctor inserts a small camera into your mouth that relays its footage to the television screen that swings out over your chair. When the TV isn't being used for this purpose, it's there for your entertainment. You're given wireless headphones and asked to choose what channel you'd like to watch. That the doctor is a fan of soccer and let me stay in the chair a few minutes after my appointment had ended to watch the conclusion of a Germany-Croatia match in Euro 2008 (in part because he wanted to watch too) well, I knew I'd found a great dentist then.

I put off finding a dentist for a long while, too long, because of my experiences with my previous dentist. There's no excuse for someone in The Valley doing that if Dr. Maqsoud is still taking new patients, which I assume he is. Call him. You won't be disappointed.

Mona E.

Los Angeles, CA 6/9/2009

Truly a phenomenal dentist. His demeanor and sense of humor make going to the dentist fun. I really thought I'd never write such a statement. But, Dr. deserves it; Wish more dentists could be so good.

Tina T.

Carson, CA 8/8/2013

Like some other's that have commented I too drive over a hour to go to Dr. Maqsoud. I have had some really bad expierences with other dentist including them telling me that my children or I had work that needed to be done when indeed it did not, that is when a coworker recommended him to me, that was over 8 years ago. Dr. Maqsoud is the most honest dentist I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I cannot express how much I HATE going to the dentist yet he makes it a little better.

Lisa B.

Burbank, CA 1/13/2011

More of what everyone else has said: he is nice, swift, and thorough. He is really concerned about your comfort as a patient, and he has a great sense of humor. The rest of the staff is friendly as well.

Speedymoe E.

Sterling, VA 6/12/2013

I am a doctor myself and I am very picky when it comes to my care as well as my family u can believe me when every single family member is now switched to Dr. Maqsood he is very competent and his care for his patients is rare these days I highly recommend his office in this first yelp review.

Gabrielle D.

Studio City, CA 4/16/2011

I went to Dr. Maqsoud based on these reviews. He is gentle and kind and a top notch dentist. I have had crowns and a root canal by him and he is constantly concerned with pain issues. I have had a ton of dental work in my life and he's the best. His staff is cordial and pleasant. I completely recommend him. The rest of my family now sees him, too.